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2006-05-12The company ZVUK Records will participate in the Eastern-European music convention EEMC-2006 that will be held in St.-Petersburg from June 1 till June 3, 2006. "We can be proud of the material the company works with, and its even more with the potential, introduced by musical Ukraine, either modern or past one says on the eve of trip the managing director Denis Belkevich The way we develop ZVUK Records, has already found and will find comprehension and support on an international level, and for someone, probably, will become in a capability. We are open for purposes. Its possible expecting that after EEMC-2006 (that passes in an atmosphere of jazz and classic music this year), it will be officially stated about starting recording of the ZVUK Classic collection. The convent will also represent Ukraine with the Dynasty sound recording studio, which records all projects by ZVUK Records.
2006-04-10ZVUK Records grants a long-awaited capability to all its visitors to listen to the fragments from the jazz collection. For this purpose you are to the familiar CDs section some tracks have been given links for on-line listening. Selecting accessible tracks, we tried to transmit the atmosphere of each album by means of two fragments. As we succeeded in it the one can judge who would listen the whole jazz collection.
2006-02-20Recording of the eighth album of the ZVUK jazz collection has at once been started. The CD will be a nice surprise to adherents of clubbing music. The point is that it is been recorded by a professional DJ, whos name is a point of a secret. Nevertheless, that doesnt mean, that the album will be dispossessed of alive instruments scratches will rise together with drums, guitars and brass section. The album should be released in the beginning of summer.
2006-02-11Oleg Putyatin has completed recording his solo album from the ZVUK jazz collection. The album of the outstanding bass-guitar player engaged drummers Volodymyr Ordjehovskyi and Oleksiy Ginkul so as a pianist and composer Ivan Davydenko whom Putyatin had been collaborating with in the early 1990-s.
2006-01-09ZVUK Records has begun the new 2006 year with a pleasant and respectable event. Daily there was signed an agreement with a legend of the Ukrainian music folk-rock group "obza. Henceforth the label will introduce the group on the Ukrainian and world recording market, having exclusive rights to the new music material by bza, which has appeared in 2005 a new double album and video of a solo concert, that would be published on DVD. Fragments from a new album by "bza, thats ready to appear in 2006, are already available to be listened on the groups official site
2005-12-05Time flies so fast that we are hardly in time for following tendencies in modern music trying to reflect Ukrainian jazz as wide as possible. Nowadays three new albums of Z.V.U.K. Jazz Collection are being recorded at the Dynasty Studio in Kiev. First to be appeared will represent new versions of songs performed by Marlene Dietrich in its origin voice & grand piano. Sometimes live strings, jazz contrabass and tuba will be added to the orchestra. One of the songs will represent Vitaliy Rustamovs unique acoustic guitar known for the first Collections album On My Own Free Will. Songs in German will perform Ludmila Mironchenko, a Ukrainian singer who lives and works on Switzerland. The second CD of the intellectual jazz is being recorded be Oleg Putyatin, mostly known as a bass-guitarist. This instrument has never been represented as a principal one in the Collection until this moment. So its owners will be able to hear Putyatins instruments private collection in the beginning of 2006. The third CD to be recorded wont open its secrets till its publishing. However it is known that a DJs equipment has been brought in the Dynasty Studio for its recording.
2005-07-30The Time Has Come album by Djankoy Brothers has been published at long last! So as our subscribers will have pleasure listening to it in a few days. Then, nowadays two more artists are recording their material at the Dynasty studio, so we are about to publish two more Collection albums by the end of summer 2005.

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